While this C8080A was manufactured in November 1975
The name "Micro-soft" was used by Bill Gates in a letter to Paul Allen for the first time.

While this P4004 was manufactured in December 1975
The heavy metal band Iron Maiden Was formed by Steve Harris in London

While this C8008-1 was manufactured in November 1976
The Warsaw Treaty Organization joint secretariat was established.

While this D8080A was manufactured in May 1977
Star Wars opens in cinemas and becomes the highest-grossing film of its time.

While this C8008 was manufactured in August 1977
The NASA Space Shuttle, named Enterprise, makes its first test free-flight.

While this P8080A was manufactured in September 1977
Commodore international introduced the Commodore PET Computer.

While this P8080A was manufactured in October 1977
OPEC announced a decision to raise the posted price of oil by 70%.

While this MD8080A was manufactured in May 1978
French Foreign Legion paratroopers boarding USAF Aircraft in Corsica and landed in Kolwezi.

While this C8085A was manufactured in May 1978
USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh / Semipalitinsk .

While this P8080A-2 was manufactured in September 1978
The Camp David Accords were signed between Israel and Egypt.

While this D8085A was manufactured in October 1978
Summer Nights ( John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John) was at first place into various charts.

While this D8086 was manufactured in October 1979
Activision was founded by J. Levy , D. Crane ,
A. Miller , B. Whitehead and L. Kaplan .

While this D8085A was manufactured in December 1979
"The Black Hole", a science fiction film from Disney Production, was released in UK.

While this MD8080A/B was manufactured in December 1979
The Soviet Union covertly launched its invasion of Afghanistan